Introduction to Me & My Blog


Hello and welcome to my digital space for EDIM 516, Sustaining Digital Literacy.  A little about myself, my name is Erin, and I teach High School English in Hershey, Pennsylvania. My course load consists of teaching mostly sophomores, instructing them in two different classes, one a rigorous pre-advanced placement honors class and another is a class more based around skills for success in academia, entitled Academic Literacy. I also am taking on a new prep. next year in teaching Advanced Placement Literature to our seniors, something I am truly looking forward to!

Last year, I finished my Master’s degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English and Communications at the University of Pittsburgh. While I have enjoyed taking some time off from taking grad. classes, I have decided that this summer was the perfect opportunity to try to branch out and pursue some of the other topics in education that I might have not necessarily completed work with in the past; digital literacy being one that I am somewhat familiar with but have not studied formally.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your perspectives on education throughout this summer term!



Here I am, celebrating being honored at our Homecoming Pep. Rally this year with our service dog, Gem.


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